What we do

The company provides a range of whole health economy strategic development support solutions; both through NHSE and directly, supports challenged provider organisations; supports the production of Business Cases for investment, especially in digital solutions; leads reviews for organisations for accountability and development purposes; supports leadership teams in mergers and acquisition transactions; and works with ICS’s and Places to navigate the ambiguous necessity of increased cooperation and partnership.


  • We can support, or on an interim basis replace, existing senior leaders
  • We can work alongside the in-house teams to arrest the deterioration of performance
  • We can develop clinical involvement to enable safe and improving services
  • We can utilise our extensive networks to transfer proven systems and processes.

Integration / Reconfiguration

  • We can develop and support organisations in;
  • Health and social care integration
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Healthcare groups
  • Academic health alliances.

Supporting change in organisational form

Huge combined knowledge of healthcare systems and an extensive skill set and range of practical experience in:

  • building high performing Boards and teams;
  • establishing effective Board and organisational governance;
  • leadership and organisational development;
  • engaging staff in transformational change;
  • developing and engaging clinical leaders;
  • leading service redesign and remodelling;
  • delivering high performance in quality, operational and financial performance;
  • leading and supporting organisations through merger, acquisition, and dissolution.

Strategy / Whole System Re-design

  • We have extensive, multi sectoral experience of system re-design
  • We offer practical, sustainable solutions to existing and future challenges
  • We offer a unique approach to system-wide engagement, stakeholder management and subsequent strategic ownership.

Supporting merger or acquisition

UHS can provide practical advice, support and facilitation based on recent engagement in the M & A process in:

  • Supporting Trust Boards to establish clarity in the aims of merger and the spirit in which they want the relationships between leaders and staff to be conducted.
  • The leadership, cultural and staff engagement dynamics involved in the merger process;
  • Developing successful relationships between Boards, senior leadership teams, clinical and non-clinical teams in the M & A process;
  • Advice on the deployment of clinical leads to successfully support clinical service strategy development and building the engagement of clinical teams;
  • The duties and powers of the Board and Council of Governors in supporting and approving M & A transactions and advice on handling;
  • Matters relating to legal form between an FT and a non-FT;
  • Trust engagement with the Competition and Markets Authority;
  • Managing relationships with NHSE and associated funding issues;
  • Engaging with and managing relationships with CQC, NHSE, ICS’s and other external stakeholders.

Organisational Development

  • We can support sustainable delivery through organisational development, leadership and culture
  • Public Health policy and practice
  • Use of informatics to drive improvement
  • Importing international best practice.